Downloading the Datasets

To use L5Kit you will need to download the Woven by Toyota Prediction dataset from It consists of the following components:

  • 1000 hours of perception output logged by Woven by Toyota AVs operating in Palo Alto. This data is stored in 30 second chunks using the [zarr format](

  • A hand-annotated, HD semantic map. This data is stored using protobuf format.

  • A high-definition aerial map of the Palo Alto area. This image has 8cm per pixel resolution and is provided by NearMap.

To read more about the dataset and how it was generated, read the dataset whitepaper.

Download the datasets

Open and download the 2020 Woven by Toyota prediction dataset. Store all files in a single folder to match this structure:

      +- scenes/
            +- sample.zarr
                  +- train.zarr
                  +- train_full.zarr
      +- aerial_map/
            +- aerial_map.png
      +- semantic_map/
            +- semantic_map.pb
      +- meta.json