l5kit.evaluation.chop_dataset module

l5kit.evaluation.chop_dataset.create_chopped_dataset(zarr_path: str, th_agent_prob: float, num_frames_to_copy: int, num_frames_gt: int, min_frame_future: int) str

Create a chopped version of the zarr that can be used as a test set. This function was used to generate the test set for the competition so that the future GT is not in the data.

  • a dataset where each scene has been chopped at num_frames_to_copy frames;

  • a mask for agents for those final frames based on the original mask and a threshold on the future_frames;

  • the GT csv for those agents

For the competition, only the first two (dataset and mask) will be available in the notebooks

  • zarr_path (str) – input zarr path to be chopped

  • th_agent_prob (float) – threshold over agents probabilities used in select_agents function

  • num_frames_to_copy (int) – number of frames to copy from the beginning of each scene, others will be discarded

  • min_frame_future (int) – minimum number of frames that must be available in the future for an agent

  • num_frames_gt (int) – number of future predictions to store in the GT file


the parent folder of the new datam

Return type