l5kit.evaluation.error_functions module

l5kit.evaluation.error_functions.closest_angle_error(angle_a: torch.Tensor, angle_b: torch.Tensor) torch.Tensor

Finds the closest angle between angle_b - angle_a in radians.

  • angle_a – a Tensor of angles in radians

  • angle_b – a Tensor of angles in radians


The relative angle error between A and B between [0, pi]

l5kit.evaluation.error_functions.l2_error(pred: torch.Tensor, gt: torch.Tensor) torch.Tensor

A function that takes pred, gt tensor and computes their L2 distance.

  • pred – predicted tensor, size: [batch_size, num_dims]

  • gt – gt tensor, size: [batch_size, num_dims]


l2 distance between the predicted and gt tensor, size: [batch_size,]