l5kit.evaluation.extract_ground_truth module

l5kit.evaluation.extract_ground_truth.export_zarr_to_csv(zarr_dataset: l5kit.data.zarr_dataset.ChunkedDataset, csv_file_path: str, future_num_frames: int, filter_agents_threshold: float, step_time: float = 0.1, agents_mask: Optional[numpy.array] = None) None

Produces a csv file containing the ground truth from a zarr file.

  • zarr_dataset (np.ndarray) – The open zarr dataset.

  • csv_file_path (str) – File path to write a CSV to.

  • future_num_frames (int) – Amount of future displacements we want.

  • filter_agents_threshold (float) – Value between 0 and 1 to use as cutoff value for agent filtering

  • agents_mask (instead of computing the) – a boolean mask of shape (len(zarr_dataset.agents)) which will be used

  • agents_mask